Leadtek Geforce2 Pro vs Elsa Geforce2 Ultra



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Is the Ultra worth the power over the Pro? Both at 64MB. Leadtek Pro vs. Elsa Gladic Ultra. Is the Ultra worth $65 over the Pro?



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I would personally say no. If you are considering an Ultra then maybe it would be worth finding the extra cash for a GF3 as it will last you longer and support future DX8 titles.

If this is not an option the Pro is the best value GF2 at the moment IMO. Most Pros will overclock to around Ultra specs anyway with a little work.

Turn your GTS Pro into an Ultra

You also wont have to risk the Ultra Rolling Lines issue.


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Heard a lot of rumors as to the initial price of the GeForce3 and was wondering if anyone knows the definate answer to this and when are they going to be released? I was thinking about getting an GeForce2 "ultra" but now I'm considering buying the GeForce3. Any information is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!


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My hercules GeforceII pro easily overclockes as high if not higher then the ultra. When one site ran benchmarks using the same CPU/MB setup with an ultra my scores were still higher.

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Visontek have already shipped some Geforce 3's, mainly fulfilling pre-orders currently. Elsa looks soon to follow. Disappointingly no word from Asus yet, (and they were left way behind with the Ultra)
. Also not sure what Hercules are up to but basically if you live in the USA you should be able to get a GF3 very soon if you order now. EB world $399, cheapest I'd seen it anywhere was $350

There's lots of talk about it HERE anyway