Latitude D630 flashes a line at bottom of screen


jonny b

Computer Doctor
I see this small pinstrip line at the bottom of this Latitud'es screen no matter if I am in the bios or on the Windows GUI. Got XP Pro on it and it runs otherwise great and fast. It will flash every four seconds clear across the screen. Seems like one pixel width from the Start menu to the clock. Of course in the bios it is still there so it doesn't matter if we are in Windows.

I have pulled the battery, pulled out the power plug, taken into another room and it still happens. I thought there was an interference somewhere. Updated the driver as well from Dell. I am starting to think it may be an inverter. I opened the keyboard and wiggled wires and seen no change. I switched out ram as well.

Anybody seen this?


Procrastinating Member
I have an old Toshiba laptop with a permanent line across the screen. No expert, but this has to be a hardware flaw.