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Once again the hype masters ooh and ah all over the lastest press releases. I bought a C.L. GEForce 256 replacing an "old" TNT-1 thinking if I skipped a "generation" I would see noticable improvements. I read all about the T/L Graphics Co-processor and all the other cutting edge specs.
Well, I yanked out the old one one, and put in the other and saw absolutely NO improvement with performance or image quality when running EVERQUEST. A fairly demanding 3D only RPG game. I am sure someone could bust out a specific game and describe improvements but I ask you to take a look at the different screen shots? Have you ever really seen a noticable difference? I haven't. I often wonder what they are talking about?

Bottom line: Avoid the press release hype. While hardware companies want to impress you new specs, software developers want to sell to as many buyers as possible. You do the math.