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Hi guys,

I purchased an M30 Satellite (Special Edition) Pentium M (Dothan) 1.7 Ghz three months ago and recently I've noticed that the screen is making a little noise. The screen is the Super Bright 15.4" WXGA TFT. It is a noise similar to what the old CRT monitors and TVs would make, if you know what i mean. It disappears when I set the brightness of the screen to maximum.

As far as I know, the screens are equipped with a "fluorescent lights" sort of thing, and that's probably the cause of the noise.

Is this a normal issue? I've just sent Toshiba and will see how they will respond, but just thought I'd hear from you guys and those who have experienced this.

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Thanks in advance.


I must admit I have not heard of that, but then my youngest laptop is now three years old, so it pre-dates the advances that have been made in screen brightness. My guess would be that it is a controller on the backlight that is causing the noise. If you are under warranty-and I think that you are, from your post-I would ask them to fix it. Let me hear what Toshiba has to say. That is what I have now, and I have found the support to be pretty good.