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Most of the laptop reviews I read could almost have been written by my 87 year old mother. The last one I read didn't even mention the chipset used on the motherboard!
I'd really like to see more thorough reporting and more objective testing and fewer subjective-only opinions.

Asus make a line of barebones laptops. It would be nice to know if their bios have any more options, memory settings for example, than the typical laptop bios. Reviews seen so far seem barely able to recognise that the machine even has a bios.

Compared to the motherboard testing done by the likes of Anandtech, the business of laptop reviews has a long way to go. With laptops taking an increasing share of the market, it's time for some of the hardware sites to step up to the plate.


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Yeah, I don't look for many reviews, but the one's I see don't do very well. Often times they don't even mention battery life. :rolleyes:


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Notebookforums is one of the better forums in this respect, though far from perfect.

You will find review and benchmark catagory under each section. Some are helpfull, some are written by 80-85 year old grandmas :)


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I have to agree, most are pretty weak.

That's why I stick with Dell personally when buying and recommending Laptops to people. ;)

I know they will get a good machine. :)


My preference is Toshiba, have a 7200CT with a PIII 600 still in use, upgraded recently to spark a bit more life, 192 to 320Mb Memory, 6Gb to 60GB 5400rpm Hdd and Windows XP, runs everything quick quick, plays video files (divx,xvid etc..) without a jerk or dropped frame (pretty good Trident graphics for the time) and the most important thing: Battery life is still in the 3 hour range after all these years, purdy impressed. My Compaq Armada M700 PIII 450 is a fine machine but plauged with battery problems, prolly bad controller board and i heard alot of stories too about those models, battery less for the time being, last battery melted :eek: getting a replacement and hoping for the best though i doubt it, AC is fine though, runs Win 2k well as i upgraded it from 128 to 256mb memory and another 6gb hdd to 80Gb 5400rpm 8mb IBM Hdd. But all toshibas i've had were excellent laptops.


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i like IBM but they cost to much to buy a new one, my T21 with its PIII-M 800MHz and 256MB runs Windows XP no problem and i still get 3 hours or so battery life, but thats a new battery i got.

im not sure what manufacturer i'll go with next time, likely Acer as they seem to have a good spec for the price, but possibly Dell going by Jankersons advice hes given to other members.


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Justintime said:
My preference is Toshiba
One of my early laptops was a P100 Toshiba I bought sans hard drive. I put a drive in it, found more proprietary ram for it.
The hard drive installation has a story. The first one wasn't recognised by the bios, which had no means whatsoever of configuring it manually. Toshiba told me, If it doesn't autodetect it, you're SOL, buddy. I had to put in a smaller drive it would detect. The larger drive went into a generic Arima 486 laptop, which happily detected it and installed it.

That was my first and last Toshiba.

Out of half a dozen, all old ones, I've developed a lot of respect for Acer.
That Arima, for which support is non-existant, and for which the bios update I know exists can no longer be found, had the best bios I've ever seen in a laptop, very similar to a desktop board (at least in my memory).


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1. It must be a surprise hearing from a total stranger. Well I read your small feedback you had posted on the Toshiba Satellite A75-S211 Pentium IV 3.2 GHz laptop which you had purchased and posted on .

2. Since you have used the above laptop what I wanted to know a from you, before I go in for a similar Toshiba Satellite A75-S211 Pentium IV 3.2 GHz are :-

(a) Is there any advantage/ disadvantage going in for the S211 Model.
(b) Does your laptop overheat and hang when you use it out doors in a non AC environment.
(c) How long does it take for it to boot up, write a 750 MB CD or a 4+ GB DVD, sound and picture clarity (movies and gaming).
(d) What is the max operating temperature you have used in outdoors. The place I work in, the temperature some times goes up and hovers around 35to 40 Deg C that is 90 to 100deg F. Will it run efficiently.
(e) Has the plastic body deformed any where due to the heat.
(f) Any other problems.

3. I hope you will help me out with the above. Hoping to hear your reply at the earliest.

Thanking you in anticipation



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Pentium IV 3.2 GHz laptop
Too hot in a notebook. You want a Pentium M, Celeron M, or Turion cpu. The Intel Core Duos are also available now. Any of those would run much cooler and still deliver good performance.


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I dunno, my Dell Inspiron 5160 has been running [email protected] for 30 Days straight with the CPU at full speed (P4 2.8 GHz) with no reboots and still kicking out the WUs fast. :D


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I agree with your sentiments. I have been shopping for laptops lately and haven't found many thorough reviews that I found helpful. In the end, I'll need to go with a gut feeling and word-of-mouth stories from people I trust regarding their experiences and feelings.

Speaking of which, in my personal experience, HP/Compaq isn't very good and I warn people against them.

My work laptop from 2000 until 2005 was an IBM T20. I loved that computer and was upset that they made me turn it in. I never had a problem with it. My reward was an 'HP compaq nc6000'. I'm on my third since then, all the result of strange hardware problems that my IT couldn't easily diagnose. The hard drive has been swapped out between all those computers so that wasn't the problem.

And I posted to the forum previously regarding my problems with a Compaq Evo n600c. It had a hard shutdown caused by a power failure which is resolved when something (anything) is plugged into a USB port.

I baby my computers, even the ones from work, so I can't help but think that HP laptops are completely inferior to IBM.
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For those considering Toshiba notebooks,
Suggest that you set a BIOS password that you will definitely remember.
At last check,
BIOS password could not be reset, mobo replacement is suggested remedy by Toshiba. :rolleyes: