Laptop CPU fan stops spinning



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Last night I opened up my Acer Aspire 5051 because the fan suddenly stopped spinning.

The fan has been acting strangely since a few days ago, refusing to work as it should upon bootup so as a workaround I've had to reboot 2 or 3 times and only then the fan seems to spin again.

However last night a couple of reboots and waiting a few minutes failed to jumpstart the fan. My only choice was to disassemble the laptop to get at the fan/heatsink unit, tho I saw it wasn't that dirty/dusty. Cleaned it up a bit, applied some thermal cooler on the cpu, put it back and glad it's working fine now.

However I noticed that there was some sort of silly putty underneath the part of the heatsink where it comes in contact with the graphics and audio(?) chips. The same stuff that was on the cpu chip came off as I lifted the fan/heatsink unit from the mobo.

I have the feeling that I may have to replace the fan sometime soon and need to open up the laptop again. So, is it okay if I just remove this 'silly putty' pads and use some thermal cooler there instead?