Lanovo laptop monitor not working



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I have a lanovo laptop (new)
last night while using it I got some green lines come up on the screen and the computer went into recover memory mode (with blue screen)
rebooted it and it work fine
rebooted computer later and no screen, I have a 3 mobile dongle and plugged it in the red light came on and after a while the green light cam on to say it has a signal
The green light never comes on when the laptop is out of windows, so we know the computer is booting windows and is just a screen problem
I have not plugged an external monitor into the VGA yet but will do soon
The question is, is it the screen thats at fault or the graphics card or is the graphics card part of the mother board on this laptop?


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Seems the RAM may cause the issue of lines on the screen.

Try reseat the memory module.

Hope this helps.
tech manager, WPTinc.