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Is KingMax any good with their DDR333 Memory? I've heard so much about Samsung, Corsair and Nanya that I honestly don't know what type of RAM to get. Can anyone help?

Going to use it on a P4S533 and Northwood 1.8A. Don't plan on overclocking but in case I do, I want the RAM to be capable.

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I just read a article in Computer Power User magazine, May issue.
JEDEC (the organization that sets DDR standards) has not approved on the PC2700 DDR Ram yet.
The article said that PC2700 chips out now are most likely overclocked PC2100 or something else.
Kyle Bennett from wrote the article.



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I have 2 sticks of Kingmax 256mb 2700 DDR RAM. Its great! there are a couple of reviews on it, its like the fastest memory available I think. Can you say 190 MHz (380 DDR) at CAS 2?

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Originally posted by Jamesy:
I have 2 sticks of Kingmax 256mb 2700 DDR RAM. Its great! there are a couple of reviews on it, its like the fastest memory available I think. Can you say 190 MHz (380 DDR) at CAS 2?

One can hardly doubt that's not overclocked PC2100

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I have owned both the Kingmax and the Corsair 333 memory. I am able to run the Corsair with aggressive settings way higher then I could with the Kingmax. My stick of Kingmax could hit around 174 with max settings on a KR7A, and my Corsair has been as high as 188 without problems. I have also got to admit that the Corsair memory with the heatspreaders looks alot cooler.

If you go with the Corsair make sure and get the better PC2700 stick. It is a single sided stick and has the following model # CMX256A-2700C2

That model # is supposed to be able to run much faster then their other PC2700 which uses Micron memory and is double sided. I was told this by Corsair customer service.

Hope this helps.

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With the availability of parts here in the Philippines, I've decided to use RDRAM and an Abit TH7-II Motherboard.

Thanks for the help.


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Samsung say's that they have a 2700 chip, I have one of these, here is a copy and paste from NewEgg:

Samsung Original DDR333 PC-2700 256mb CAS2.5 - OEM VersionDDR 333MHz True PC 2700 chip (Not over clock from PC-2100 chip) New release for Best Performance-Lifetime warranty Model#: M368L3223CTL-CB3 -OEM Special FedEx Saver Shipping $7.00
- Product Link -See It! (image count 1 ) -Price Alert (N82E16820147101)
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They claim a 2700 chip not overclocked 2100.

I originaly had a 256 stick of 2100 and I added a stick of this 2700, they didnt go well togather, it would cause sys. shut downs, I have pulled the 2100 stick and I'll be adding another Samsung 2700 soon, I havent had any problems with the Samsung but I wouldnt mix them (2100 with 2700) I am using a Asus P4s333-M mobo, I would go with Samsung Again. I hope this helps. PEACE

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