Kensington ExpertMouse Rules the Roost?



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Okay, am I missing something out in the world,or is the ExpertMouse still the hottest **** in trackballs? I started using it way back when I was on a Mac (ah.. the TurboMouse) and got one when I moved into the PC world 3 years ago.

Well, mine finally died. It made it's 10,000,000th click or whatever and stopped working. A sad day.

Question is, do I get another one or is there possibly a better trackball out there that I havent seen at Office Depot and CompUSA and the like? I've seen Logitech's version of the "bigger ball" trackball and I don't like it very well.

I still say the Kensington ExpertMouse is the god of all trackballs, unless someone knows of something better?

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