Keep Losing wireless connectivity



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Moning Folks,

I have a netgear wgr614v7 wireless router with the latest firmware applied.

I have this strange problem hat happens about twice a week.

Basically i loose all wireless connection from anywhere in the house. But the wired connection is still working fine and so is the Comcast cable moden

To remedy the situation I have to hard reset the router and then all the wiresless devices reconnect.

More info.
When the wireless signal is not working the lights on the front of the router seem to indicate that its still working fine
Also if you look through windows 7 at the wireless networks it shows up as broadcasting but cannot be connected to.

the wireless devices I have connected are a Tivo g external adapter, a blackberry, a HP deskjet printer and my windows 7 laptop.

As for wired machines i have my main desktop and my sons desktop (rarely used)

anyone got any good answers as to why I am getting this happen?

is it time to replace the router? it must be about 3 years old now. Yes I am itching to get a n router.