KDS Monitors



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The computer system I'm looking at buying has a 17 inch KDS monitor with it.
Does anyone know about their quality? They supposedly have an excellent refresh rate
and an even better warranty.


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I bought a KDS VS-5 15" for a third computer in my daughters room soley because it was the cheapest I could find ($145 at the time) and I was pleasantly surprised. The color is very bright and your right, it supports an amazingly high refresh rate for this pricerange, 70hz+ flicker-free at 1024 X 768 and a max resolution of 1280 X 1024; very impressive for a $145 monitor. It's running on a Diamond Stealth 220 video card (another amazing value in its day) and considering that the monitor/video combo rang in at under $200 new less than a year ago, you wouldn't believe how good even intesive 3D game like Terracide look- Quake 2 even plays OK. If I had any complaints it's that the color is maybe a little to unnaturally vibrant and the black line framing the screen (the physical one, not the one created by the monitor)is not even and too fat at the bottom of the screen. KDS are known to be budget monitors but, at leats in the 15" version, its one of the better budget monitors I've used. And few others in this catagory come close to the refresh rates and high resolutions supported.


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I've worked with 15, 17 and 19 inch KDS and I have to say they are damn fine monitors for their price. I had the $800 to buy a veiwtronic 19", I bought the KDS instead and a celery 333a with a bh6 good deal eh?

The only problem with 15 and 17s is they seem to be a big bulky the frame around either of them seems big and they are fairly deep. Regardless they are worth their price