ka7-100 plus radeon ve dual display = airborne pc



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hi i have a dual boot system and i just replaced my voodoo3 pci with this card.
well as soon as the OS loads (doesn't matter both 2000 and 98)and i move the mouse a little, the machine locks.
i "removed" voodoo3 in device manager before physically removing it, lets see, i also installed the latest miniport drivers for VIA AGP from microsoft. in BIOS i tried enabing/disabling x4 agp, cpu2pci/pci2cpu concurrency, AGP fast write. but that did not fix the problem. i did not ever install the AGP drivers that come on the motherboard's CD until yesterday. an ATI faq was saying something about installing the AGP drivers before installing the OS and i don't understand what that means. i'm about to throw the computer out of my window.

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abit ka7-100
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