K6-III 450 Overclocking: AOC-586 Socket-7 Peltier vs. 3dfxcool Alpha-PHO



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I got my new fan yesterday and I tried modifying my AOC-586 Peltier to accomodate the new YS-Tech 26CFM fan I got from 3dfxcool. I was able to stabilize the temperature on the Peltier, however even with the added cooling, the Peltier is still not rated high enough to sufficiently cool my K6-III 450.

Here's my fan's stats:

Peltier w/AOC 60mm stock fan @ 3200RPM
-CPU Overheat (above 60C/140F)

Peltier w/3dfxcool 60mm fan @ 4200RPM
-Stabilizes @ 50C/122F

Generic Pentium 50mm Fan
-Stabilizes @ 42C/108F

3dfxcool Alpha-PHO w/3dfxcool 60mm fan @ 4500RPM
-Stabilizes @ 25C/79F (450MHz @ 4.5X100)
-Stabilizes @ 26C/79F (475MHz @ 5X95)
-Post @ 30C/86F (500MHz @ 5X100)
-Post @ 29C/84F (504MHz @ 4.5 X 112)
-Fail @ 35C/95F (523MHz @ 5.5 X 95)

I think my new Alpha-PHO is a winner... I seriously reccomend this fan to anybody who is looking for an excellent heatsink/fan combo. Even after doing a few Quake II timedemos, the chip only warmed up to 32C--and after quitting Quake II it can cool the chip back down to 26C in a matter of SECONDS. A truly excellent fan!

On a side note, my Peltier fan was pretty good on my K6-2 300 (cooled it down to 21C), but I'm not sure if there are any Peltier fans out there on the market that are rated to cool K6-IIIs.

What are your experiences with either fans?