K6 400 worth overclocking?



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Hi I have a K6 400 system, what are my chances in o/c them? How far can I go without endangering my system?

In the Bios setup menu, there is the option of selecting speed of the processor, can I just change that or do I have to set a jumper?


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It probably wouldn't be too hard for you to reach 450MHz, but beyond that I wouldn't count on too much.

As for how to set the speed of the chip, the most common approach would be to switch the motherboard jumpers around to a higher speed. But your BIOS setting probably just changes the FSB on your motherboard--which does work, but you might experience system failures that might not be attributed to your CPU and are harder to detect because of the number of things that are changed when you change the FSB. Just try chaning the clock multiplier for your chip and then try playing with your FSB.



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I've been trying to get my k6-2 400 to 450 and i havent been able to do it but i know many people who have so i will keep trying. NAybody have any tips.

Tim Lee

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Here are my Sisoft Benchmark score on CPU

350MHZ AMD II (my first OEM chip)
400MHZ AMD II (my upgraded retail)
420MHZ AMD II(oc)
450MHZ AMD II(oc)
472.5MHZ AMD II(oc)

I don't feel any difference.... in games. Benchmark is the only way to see the difference.