K6 200: Banshee or TNT???



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I've a lowly K6 200 with 32megs ram and no
AGP slots and so am planning a phased upgrade
of my machine. I'm planning on buying a 2d/3d
card and 32 Megs first and the motherboard + processor in the early spring. As i have to go with PCI it limits my choice a bit. So its a banshee or velocity 4400. Any advice and prices please??!!??


What are you upgrading to? I just bought the Velocity TnT and it rocks. I kee phearing that the TnT does not really max out on low end systems, I'm glad, thatway when I upgrade ot a faster machine, I can continue to use it.
The Banshee seems pretty fast(Diamonds being the fastest, from what I hear) but it severley limited in some functions. When you upgrade to a faster machine you will probably notice a serious drop in performance with it. I'd go with TnT