K6-2 350 w/ALi chipset AGP. ..Riva TNT or Banshee?



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K6-2 350 w/ALi chipset AGP. ..Riva TNT or Banshee?

I have a k6-2 350 on an Asus P5A motherboard and I am wondering what whould be the better card for me? I am willing to spend up to $200 so a Riva TNT is in the price point. The only thing I worry about is the problems I have been reading about Riva TNT's with the particular m/b and processor I have. So maybe the Banshee would be better? Any suggestions would be greatful..


The Tnt is a far bette card, so you should check around and see, if there are problems, what specific problems are there. From what I've seen, the socket7 problems that exist are quickly being fixed( If they want to keep socket7 a viable option, fixes need to be fast.) If you can get it t owork, I would definitely go with TnT.


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Go with the Canopus Spectra 2500. Great TV out, witchdoctor for Voodoo2,Fan. Read reviews. www.canopuscorp.com