JIGSTA!!! help? V3000 agp bios setting?



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I hope you read this jigsta as you seem to know your stuff but anyones help would be appreciated.
What bios settings are needed to make the voodoo3 card work best?
I think my Gigabyte GA-6BA motherboard bios is set up right but im not THAT sure


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Just make sure to set your AGP aperature size to 32 or 64 megs depending on which might work better for you, try them both, since the V3 doesnt take advantage of AGP it probably wont matter what you set it at, unlike the TNT series which does use AGP if you set the aperature size wrong, your games will be mega slow and everything. I just have it set to 64 with AGP display first thats it, but im running a socket7 board also, so i dont know what would be different on yours compared to mine.

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yeah what vidfreek said.

ummm... there was a page up that had a comparison of how bios settings affect the preformance of a v3... but i don;t recall where i saw it....

it might have been the firing squad or maybe voodoo extreme...

i'll look around for it and see if i can find it.

according to 3dfx the following settings should not be enabled in the bios:

video bios shadow or cache
vga palette snoop or DAC snoop
hidden refresh
byte merge

when i find that comparison i'll post the link for you.

da jig isz up...


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www.tweak3d.com has complete guides on how to tweak both 3dfx and Nvidia video cards. Anything from Bios-setting to OpenGL, D3D, Glide settings. Make sure click on "tweaking" section. Good Luck!


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thanks for info/help guys...im really beginning to like this place

jigsta i look forward to getting that list thing,could make life a whole lot easier