Jedi Knight II Video Problems



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When I try to run jk2 I get an error message that says "there is no 3d hardware installed on your system." I know I do, it's a geforce2 ultra card. I can run all my d3d games and all my d3d and opengl benchmarks (3dmark2000, 2001, and vulpinegl) but jk2 says it's not there. I can run it in "safe" mode but I only get 640x480 and no gamma correction, so I spend a lot of time falling off of walkways and reloading quicksaves.

Here's what I tried so far:
Uninstalled jk2,
Uninstalled geforce2 from system devices,
Installed latest xp/2000 drivers from nvidia's webpage, and reinstalled jk2. Still no go.

I'm running windows 2000 with sp2. DirectX 8.1. Vid drivers are from 3/12/2002. I have the latest bios for my mobo, soundcard, and everything else I could think of.

Anybody with similar problems or a solution for me?
Thanks in advance.