I've screwed up my Lenovo Yoga 260



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I think I'm so smart. My mother in law's Lenovo Yoga was hacked. So I told her I would put Linux Mint on it and no one would hack it again. Well, it didn't go so well. I could boot from my Mint ISO USB stick but once Mint was installed on the HD, it wouldn't boot from the HD. In fact now it won't boot from anything. It just goes to a boot order menu and won't let me select the HD or any other boot devices from the boot order. I went into the Bios and reset the boot order and to reset to factory defaults several times but it makes no difference. I even got a Windows USB stick (new OS) and it won't boot from that now. I think it's still a software problem (Lenovo diagnostics don't detect a hardware problem). I need a hard reset or I need to flash the Bios (the last time I flashed a Bios I used a floppy disk). I just want to wipe everything and install the new Windows 10 OS that I bought (from the provided USB stick) but it won't let me. any advice would be greatly appreciated.