I've got rid of the CLAP!!!........



Silent & Cool.....
........but I miss it now
, It's in a system I just finished for a friend),I sold it, as he wanted it so, after he had spent 3 hours playing Q3 on my comp with it.

I'm back with a V3 2000, and you certianly miss the 32bit colour when you have grown accustomed to it. I'm still impressed how well it performs, (o/c'd to 175 of course
). UT runs like a dream on it, better than the CLAP, but I'd have the CLAP back for Q3 though.

I think I'll get a Asus V7700 Geforce 2 GTS until the V5 6000 appears. anybody know who is likely to have the V7700 in stock first in the UK????????????


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Amazing what a little penicillan can do! Did the GeForce2 thing, Guillemot Prophet2, games ran wonderful on it but CAD stank. Went back to my SDR GeForce256 for better CAD performance. Can't really explain why the Prophet2 wouldn't have good CAD performance if all other OpenGL programs ran 1 1/2 times faster. Maybe a driver issue that will be sorted out in a later release.