It might sound stupid, but what's a better card for a Duron 600MHz?



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I currently have a TNT2 M64 that performs alright, but I've been thinking about getting a Hercules 3D Prophet II MX for $119 at Fry's Electronics (the only 'quality' card I can afford right now).

Would I notice a significant increase in performance with the Prophet II over this current TNT2 M64? It might be a stupid question, but seeing how I can't overclock this Duron through the multiplier with my MSI K7T Pro, I thought the performance might still be bottlenecked, even through a better card.. Any ideas?


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Go for the GeForce2 MX, the performance is much better than a full TNT2 and you're only talking about an M64 version. In higher resolutions in Q3, you'll get about twice the frame rates with the MX. At 1024 x 768, figure about 75 fps for the MX and about 35 for the TNT2 M64. Even a TNT2 Ultra will only get about 48 fps. Here's a page to look at: