It is a stupid question...but which video card is better?



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Well. THere are so many video cards out the market...and they all claim that they are the best.
which video card is better among "TNT2 Ultra" , "Voodoo 3500", or "GeForce DDR"?
I will use my computer mainly for game and dvd.


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I'm not sure about the TNT2 Ultra or the GeForce, but I don't think that the Voodoo3 3500 was made for games... I think it was made more for the TV Tuner and everything. I'm betting that the GeForce is the best bet for gaming (thought the TNT2 Ultra isn't bad, it's just that the GeForce is newer and more powerful).


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I would go with the V3 the other 2 may have a slight better image quality, but have been known for system lockups.


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The GeForce is the fastest, but has v high power requirements and issues with some mobos, the TNT2 Ultra is quite fast but agains some compatibility issues, The Voodoo (Plunx the Voodoos main selling point was 60fps capability in games) is the most compatible, has the most features (ie built in TV tuner and DVD decoder) but is only capable of 3D up to 16bit colour mode and probably slightly slower (except in games which support 3DFX Glide).

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