Is this the right card?



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Found this: SPECTRA 2500 16MB AGP NVIDA MODL,
for $163 at

First off, is this the right Spectra model? Is it a good price? And finally, is my board going to use it to its potential? I have a FIC VA-503+ with 64mb's SDRAM-100mhz and an AMD-K62 300.


Hi SoundZ

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That is a fair price for it, STB has a Velocity 4400 which uses the same Riva TnT chip as the Spectra, and it is a killer 2d/3d board, i am glad i own one. TnT is a smart move.....

Hi SoundZ

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Woops, and that is a Yes to the other question you have...your board has the AGP slot, so you are OK.


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I don't want to sound like a whiner, but...

TNT-boards are superb with a powerful CPU, no question about it. But if you haven't got a 350-450 MHz:er there may be better alternatives, at least more priceworthy ones.
Maybe a Banshee or even a S3D would be a better alternative.


TNT is the way to go. I keep hearing about how TNT is not the way to go for a lower system. But even on a low end system, I found it to be a winner, as fast as the banshee, much better visual quality,