Is this possible???



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I have a small LAN set up at my house. The LAN consists of my computer and my kid's computer. We share the internet via a 4 port Linksys router. Can both the kid's and myself play the same multiplayer game such as Team Fortress or CS at the same time over the internet. I have a feeling that we can't because we are sharing one IP address but I wasn't sure. I figured I'd ask the question before I go out and buy two games. Thanks for the advice!


In my experience you can. I know you can play Q3 that way, Operation Flashpoint, UT, and a couple others.. Doesn't work with all games, though.

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Yes you can play TFC or CS at the same time. When the router first came out, multiple computers could play at the same time but not on the same server but firmware updates fixed it. I've had 6 comps playing on the same TFC server through the Linksys router (on cable) and there was no difference in our pings.

The server log must have looked funny, though. Six different UIDs but one IP.