Is This Company Legit, or Pro Hackers?



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I hope this is the correct sub-forum to place this in. If not PLEASE forgive me, and please put it where it belongs. MOST importantly, if what I describe to you is some kind of hacking fraud, please let all of your members be aware.

Not 5 mins ago I got off of a phone call that just came out of the blue, and right off the bat I saw something very odd. Where there is usually the 10-digit ph. #, or someone's name from your Contact list, there was nothing but the # 36 displayed.

An EXTREMELY foreign voice comes on the line (and please don't give me a PC lecture me about the foreign deal). I thought he said he was from Microsoft, but knowing M'soft doesn't call ANYBODY, I became skeptical, but still listened. He was really hard to understand, but he started telling me that I had a leak in my Gateway, and it was creating files that would eventually corrupt my entire hard drive. I went to my PC, and he takes me to the Windows/INF folder, and tells me to type "1". I did, and the first thing that pops up is the 1394.INF file. Then, he tells me to go to There I see what you will see if you pull up my jpeg attachment.

That's when I stopped him cold, and told him: "Hold on! I don't even know you, and I've got 15 yrs of work on this PC, and I KNOW M'soft doesn't call anyone, and I'm not about to let a perfect stranger with NO credentials go snooping around on my PC". Then, I asked to speak to his Supv. which he did, and that guy's accent was as bad as the 1st. At any rate, I explained to him I'm not letting a stranger go perusing on my PC when he might very well be a professional hacker. So, I told him " Look, I will get your name and number, and your company name, and I'm going to check you out on a tech forum, and if you are "kosher", I'll give you a call back. So, his number is: 567-252-5647. The name of the company he gave me was Windows Support Optics in Columbus, OH.

So, I want to know if anyone in your community has heard of anything like this, or this company, or whatever, and tell me if I should let them on my PC. Please let me know asap. If they are legit, I want whatever file they were after taken care of. If not, you need to spread the word in your community.