Is this a hardware or software problem ???



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Got a system put together, loaded Win98, and loaded drivers needed.
Now, when I install any progs, during reboot, the system hangs on the Win98 splash screen! This then requires that I boot into safe mode. After booting into safe mode, I can restart and boot normally. This makes no sense to me!!!!
Help please!!!!!!..............

System Specs:

DFI K6BV3+/66 mobo
AMD K6/2-500 @ 2.2v - 34c deg.
128mb Kingston 8ns PC100
Diamond Stealth AGP card

Win98 First Edition

Could it possibly be the Win98 FE??? I have another system that is almost exactly the same that did not have this problem, but it is using Win98 SE! I formatted and reinstalled the OS, but it didn't help.
Should I go to Second Edition, or should I start looking for hardware problems? All the hardware seems to be functioning fine.
Any ideas?????


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i wouyld try uping the V to 2.3 or 2.4 first. it seems to me i had this problem. the 500K6's need more then specs say they do.. see is you can or need bios update. and any anti viri.. that load. try turning them off and boot normal. just rename you autoeec.bat file so you can then change it back if that wasn't it... i would try the V first though.
good luck.


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I have almost the same setup

DFI K6BV3+/66 mobo
AMD K6/3-450 @ 2.4v but at 2.2v
196mb of some generic/siemens/generic ram
Diamond Stealth S540

I am running Dual Boot win98se and win2k
but no problem at all



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Sounds software to me. If your experiencing no hangs the rest of the time, just when you reboot, somethings fudged up with your registry or something. Also, do you have any recently installed anti-virus software. It's very common for always on av software to do what your describing.


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iAMDking & Donovan - Thanks guy's! I don't have any anti-virus software loaded in the system. Everythings new, using a WD HDD partitioned into 3 partitions. Started with fresh, formatted drive partitions and installed. hen this problem started.
I've tried increasing the voltage, and no difference. At 2.2v CPU setting, the system will run Stability Test or Prime95 for hours with no problems. I'm pretty sure this is software. I'm going to load in the new VIA 4in1 drivers and see what happens.

salt - Thanks dude - I'll try a couple of other things first, but I think I'm going to have to load Win98 SE in to get things corrected.

Thanks for the info guy's!

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