Is this 3dmark 2000 score too low for my system??



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I got 3d mark 2000 with the following settings:[img]

and I got a score of 4312 with my system, I was wondering if this was low for a:
p3 [email protected]
128 Meg of Cas3 Pc-100 10ns Ram
Leadtek winfast SDR Geforce running with 3.84 nVidia drivers and at defualt clock speeds

so how's my score??


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Seems excellent for an SDR card at the default clock speeds. I am getting 4300 at the default benchmark settings, same as yours but 1024x768. This is using an overclocked SDR card, 130/180/2X/SBA. At 1XAGP I get 4220 for the default benchmark, so yes you're okay.