Is there an app available to test video ram integrity?



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I o/c my tnt2 ram to 240 and it ran fine with no distortions or anything. Now when I play the latest unreal 224 beta and clocked back my card to 180/180(asus ultra) im seeing the ground moving and also grey
lines flickering over the ground textures but kind of inconsistently .This is in direct 3d mode and in open gl I lose the texture quality but still get the ground tearing and moving. Quake 3 which uses all maxed settings works fine. Is it my ram or software and is it possible to test the ram with software? Surely if id burnt out the ram id have a problem with any game. Ive tried all tweaking settings and clocking back cpu to 466 1:1 and now im running back at 583 2:3...thanks