Is there a way to get Google Chrome home page



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without the blue band at the bottom?

If I click on Home icon, I get the google page with a blue band at the bottom.
Here's what it looks like:

But if I open a new window while that's open, I get a page with no blue area and icons of popular sites like this:

Is there a process or URL I should be using for home page to avoid that blue area that takes up room and is annoying?




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It's not on the screen until the browser opens.
It doesn't invade the screen background I use.
It is only on the open FIRST google browser page


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Ooops, no I didn't.
But that's still not exactly what I want to do.

I'd like to get the FIRST Chrome home page to come up as the subsequent ones do.
No bands of stuff ...just white.
Or... like the second one.... much used pages.

If it's not possible, I can live with it anyhow.

Seems I've learned to "live with" more computer stuff as things have gotten so much ..."better."



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In your pic, you pointed to the gray area on the bottom. That is part of the Google search page background.

As mentioned in the link I posted, you can change the Google search page background using an addon:

Here's another one:

If you want all white, then choose an all white background.