Is The Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS 32mb A Good Choice?



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And What Is The Cheapest Price You Have Seen Them In The UK And US As I Am Going To America In August.(but live in the uk)
(Also Does Anyone Know A Shop Near Florida Where I Can But One?)

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yours and my systems are VERY similiar. I think that card is the absolute best money can buy!! I have the 64mg version...but Im not sure the extra 60 bucks was woth it..its only a very small fraction faster than a 32mg. Its RAM is at a slower speed also GDDR verser ddr or somthing. SEE THE ANANDTECH OVERCLOCKING GUIDE!!


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I still say go for a 32mb GTS to get the SGRAM as the 64mb version is only slightly faster at high resolutions 1280 x 1024 and above. By the time the extra ram is really needed there will be something faster to upgrade to.

Anyway here is a excerpt to explain it better:-

The memory that the only manufacturer of DDR SGRAM chips for use in video cards, Infineon, is currently making are not high enough density to pack 64 MB onto a single card. With this limitation, Guillemot/Hercules was forced to choose the slower performing DDR SDRAM chips to power the 3D Prophet II GTS 64MB.
My guess is cost and supply was a bigger issue, but whatever. Go HERE for the full article