is my stuff overclockable ?



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i've got a PIII 667 EB on a Tyan Trinty mobo , that's based on the Via Apollo Pro 133 chipset . given that the FSB is already at 133 , what chance have i got of squeezing some more speed out ? i've been checking out other websites and boards to get some ideas for how to go about it but i havent seen much mention of Via chipsets . are they unstable when tweaked or something ? any help appreciated ...


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They are stable when O/Ced up to about 150MHz FSB. That seems to be their ceiling regardless of remaining hardware. You can probably coax 140 - 145MHz out of that EB if you are lucky for a meager 725MHz (5.0 x 145MHz) final clock speed. It's a pity that at 145MHz, you only get a 58MHz boost though. Guess that's the bad part about EB chips.

High FSBs do offer a great overall system boost but a lot rides on your choice of SDRAM. Good luck though.

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thanks for the info , man . i can definitely see the advantages of having a low FSB/high multiplier combination now , a pity i didn't realise that when i was putting the machine together ... anyway , can u recommend a particular fan/heatsink that might get me up to that 145 or 150 ? i'm pretty new to all this shit so to be honest i haven't got a clue


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i was just wondering about all the FSB talk. I have a p3 733E oced @ 825 with a Via Appollo 133 Pro chipset as well. (150MHz FSB w/ 1.7 volts @ 29.9C pretty good eh!) but what were u talking about SDRAM? it rides alot on your chioce of ram??