Is my motherboard faulty? - I know this is off topic, but motherboard forum is dead



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I have an MS-6167 mainboard (Slot A, y'know). Anyway, I am sure you have all seen me shouting about my problems with a Sound Blaster live! Player 1024 - it should work, but it doesn't and I have done everything.

OK, so I get games that just quit part way though for no reason and giving errors if they feel like it - this all happens after I put the SB Live! Player 1024 in the machine.

My friend says that some of the MS-6167s were called back as they were faulty. is this true? Could my motherboard be faulty?

Before you say, 'email Microstar tech support,' I already have and they don't reply. there is also no tech support phone number for the UK on the web site. What should I do if it is faulty?

I am really pissed off about this as my 14 money back guarantee has already ran out and I am no closer to solving this problem.

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Have you tried Creative's tech support instead? They might be more responsive than MSI (I never got an answer from MSI either). I have an SB Entronic (sp) and it is ok, but I'm not big on sound, just graphics so I'm much more concerned about my TNT2

Also, how about IRQ conflicts. May be conflicting with video or PCI steering.

Just a thought.

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