Is it worth the extra cash?



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Im still on the hunt for my new PC, and have now fallen over another obstacle. There I was in teh shop, happy with myself for the decisions I had made over hardware
-AMD K6-2 400mhz
-128mg PC100 SDRAM
-8.4 GIG harddrive etc

I had made mu mind up to go with a TNT card (probably the CL version) when the computer EXPERT? said to me "you don't want to do that mate. What you need is an ATI 8meg 2D card, and then slot in a 12meg Voodoo2 for the games. My heart skipped a beat, and I left the shop, not with a new PC on order, but with my head in bits. After reading all of the valuable hints and recommendations that appear on this page, I felt that I had made the right decision.

Could someone (who I know to be unbiased - cause you wont be getting any money out of me) please tell me
1. Is it true that 2 separate cards would be worth the additional £100+ it would cost me
2. Is the Voodoo2 far better than the TNT
3. Should I tell that bloke from the shop that he's a prize tosser for messing with my head like that.

Please Please Please would someone give me the honest facts, and TELL me what option to go for.

As you may be able to tell, i'm not a very techi person.

Your help is very much appreciated


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The main differece in getting a VOODOO2 is its GLIDE support. If that`s important to you
then there`s really no option as the TNT dosn`t support GLIDE.

The TNT and V2 are both good cards(I have both in my system)and either way you can`t go wrong. The TNT Has better Color and you can run games at a higher resilution but, the V2 is a bit faster.

If I were me, I would get the V2 with a cheap 2D card for now and when the TNT2 is released, (in a few months?) replace the 2D card with it. You will then the have "all bases covered" and you will ba able to run ANYTHING! This way, if there`s a compatability problem with some game, you just switch to the other card which is verry easy.


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Another option you could do, is get a TNT and a Voodoo1 for Glide. Voodoo1s are outdated, but they still run Glide games just fine (even Unreal). And they are very cheap. I paid 50$ for mine, I've seen them for $40. Another thing: ATI SUCKS! The Rage Pro was lame, but with a cool name (Ati Rage Pro Turbo 2X AGP) which made a lot of people buy it. Don't let those people at the computer store give you anything made my ATI. If you go the voodoo2 route, make sure you get something made by Diamond for your 2D as it will come with some very cool Windows utilities.


if you play Glide games you need 3Dfx card like Voodoo2. and 2D will be fine unless you really need a good one. 3dfx card gives us games compatibility. many games run on Voodoo2 than on TNT.
But if you're short on cash and don't really need Glide, go for TNT.

That salesperson probably think you're into 3D games a lot and don't really need good 2D. Hence he/she gave you those suggestions.

Voodoo2 has its advantages over TNT and vice-versa. It's all depending on your needs. For me, I need Glide support, thus I got V2 not TNT. But if I have cash, I'll buy TNT and team it with my existing Voodoo2.