Is It True about geforce and certain MOBO's



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I have a Gigabyte GA-686LX3 MOBO that has the 440LX chip set. I have read somewhere that it does not provide enough power to the AGP slot for a Geforce card. I am not sure weather the article was talking about the Geforce256 or the Geforce2 GTS. Any help here would be greatful.


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Geforce 1 in SDR and DDR uses about twice the power than Geforce 2 GTS Due to later GPU die shrinkage.

Check the Geforce FAQ for a list of problem mobos if you are getting Geforce 1 plus other stability issues and possible solves.

The GTS also has other problems especially with Athlon systems.


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I have run my geforce 245 ddr on a C300 from Diamond. with no problems.

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