Is it safe to lap a celeron 600 flip-chip??



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Hey guys...just thinking of ways to cool down this celeron 600 running at 900mhz. I once lapped a celeron 300a but dont know if i should try on this s-370 it safe?




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I wouldn't bother, the benefits are near to nothing, that core is as flat as it will ever be, and it is very easy to screw it up.

I would just lap the heatsink, and get some decent thermal paste.

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I second to that opinion. It IS possible, but not worth the risk, the core is flat enough as it is. Concentrate on the heatsink/waterblock surface instead.

Oh and, the Mendocino's (300A~533) DID benefit from lapping. I've lapped two SL2WM 300A's and they were both better off, not to mention much sexier
only reached 592 stable though

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