Is it possible to speed up the internet by adjusting the modem?



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I heard somewhere that it is possible to speed up the internet if we make certain adjustments on the modem. I am using cable internet modem by Hauwei which is supplied by the ISP. Here are the features .
I have connected the modem to my systems using the ethernet cable. I am getting 15/1 Mbps speed for my connection. It is fast but, sometimes, I am feeling the lag during the peek hours. I would like to know if I can do anything to speed up the internet by making changes in the modem. Please share your opnions.
Thank you.


That cable modem is a DOCSIS 3, which is good. You might be able to use another modem with more channels (this one has 8 downstream and 4 upstream), but I question whether that would make a significant improvement in your speed under the current state of the technology.