Is it possible to speed up the internet by adjusting the modem?



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I heard somewhere that it is possible to speed up the internet if we make certain adjustments on the modem. I am using cable internet modem by Hauwei which is supplied by the ISP. Here are the features .
I have connected the modem to my systems using the ethernet cable. I am getting 15/1 Mbps speed for my connection. It is fast but, sometimes, I am feeling the lag during the peek hours. I would like to know if I can do anything to speed up the internet by making changes in the modem. Please share your opnions.
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That cable modem is a DOCSIS 3, which is good. You might be able to use another modem with more channels (this one has 8 downstream and 4 upstream), but I question whether that would make a significant improvement in your speed under the current state of the technology.


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To go with the speed if the internet accuracy, you can set up with Netgear Router Support to go and activate the internet speed and you can check also the data usage. Besides that, you can check and measure the internet speed also.


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There will be going to get the part for the speed up the internet by adjusting the modem so contact Microsoft for the steps that will be important to proceed it.


Well yes you can Tweak any modem to make more room and etc. However, if the source run on a 56.6 modem, you get the output they can give. People get blinded by media trying to sell you better speed all the time. When in fact most web server can't even give you 10% of your current modem. If you have a 1mb/sec ADSL, you have plenty of room for streaming. 4k video you might want to go to fiber optic. The network to your house is also a big factor. If you have a modem cable, where I use to live you have to understand that the cable line is share between all the users. Unlike ADSL that use your phone line, that is not generally shared.


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If you are using an older modem like ADSL 1modem on a high-speed connection, you won't experience the maximum speed set by your ISP.