Is Diamond SpeedStar A50 any good?



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I need a cheap 2D/3D solution for my computer. I already have a Voodoo 2 card so I'm set on 3D. Is the 2D power of the SpeedStar A50 up to par? I'm holding out on the complete 2D/3D until the next generation cards appear.


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I had an SiS 6326 4mb AGP card, the same chipset that is on your A-50 Speed Star card. It is an ok chip for 2d. I would probably recommend more an oem i740 or a productiva g100 for your 2d. These are way better cards, and should cost you not alot more. You'll get better refresh rates, and better everyting with them. The SiS chip is ok, but that is about it. Its 2d quality is just not up to par.