Is Battlefield 1942 any good?



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Dude trust me. This game rockz. Its almost like a Tribes II mixed with Medal of Honor type of game. IF you like WWII team action then this is a great game. You can fly, ride, man turrets etc. etc. You can play single player games with bots but for some real fun play it online or LAN with some friends. Damn funny at stages. My one friend loves to drive jeeps into tanks and just b4 hitting them bailing out. Same goes for plains. Problem is that plains are damn hard to fly. You choose between a number of soldiers, Scout, Engineer, Medic, Assault etc. I must say that the AI in the game isn't to bad. The bots actualy help you and the drive and fly and actualy command a machine gun if you are in a tank etc. All in all this game kicks ass. Don't expect any thing like Wolfenstein or MOHAA this is actualy a LAN/INTERNET type of multiplay game so you woun't get any missions like the once in other FPS. Most of them are capture the flag type of games. Just diff. varieations.


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AGREE, 100%

We started playing this back on the demo and the large LAN party we were playing went from 45% UT/QUAKEIII 40% TRIBES And the rest misc lan games to 100% storming the beaches of Midway

Let me tell you, that game will change the LAN party front from here on out.

If you want to run ans shoot, do it, if you want to drive any vehcile form a boat to ship (yes the battleship can be moved) to take plane or car you can.

It even takes a new level by letting one drive and one shoot. Or load up an entire truck and take the group around.

Intense and great fun.....Just would like a voice module to be built in.


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Battlefield 1942 may be good online, but single player the AI sucks, and the game is still very buggy. EA needs to refine the single player, and optimise lan/internet play! For close to $50.00 I honestly don't think it's worth it right now. Codename Eagle is just as much fun for a lot less $$$$. As far as a multiplayer combat sim goes nothing beats Operation Flashpoint IMHO:cool:



My Top 10 List:

1. Operation Flashpoint
2. Ghost Recon & Rogue Spear
3. Delta Force 1,2,3
7. Global Operations
8. Codename Eagle
9. Unreal Tournament
10. Quake III
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We were playing it at my LAN game on the weekend. It's easily the buggiest game I've played in a long time, and it seems to consume excessive amounts of resources for what you get.

It's not a bad game, and it at least has potential. Perhaps once the bugs are ironed out, it'll be more enjoyable.


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Yeah, having 32-64 bots does tend to slow one down. One needs one PC for dedicated serving. Works wonders.


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I think it's an awesome game! It's not buggy for me... load times are a bit long and the single player game isn't that great, but the multi-player rocks!

I played the heck out of the demo and went and bought this the first day it came out. Like the first post said.. if you like team based online games.. (Like Tribes, etc.) then this is THE game!

My 2 cents.