iPod Shuffle not detected by iTunes???



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I just got the new POS iPod shuffle and the damn thing doesn't get detected in iTunes or any other software I try. My computer seeing the drive and I can drag songs onto it, but when I turn it on and press play it starts to flash green then yellow 3-4 times then does nothing.

Can anyone help me? I can't find anything on google, closest thing I found was firmware downgrade but I don't think that's it...I hope not.



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i don't think the ipod can see the tunes unless they are copied onto it using itunes or similar (msc mode). sadly, copying over in explorer (as if it was a flash disk in ums mode), which is nice and simple, isn't recognised by the player. has the drive formatted itself on connection i have a vague recollection that the wife's ipod mini needed to be formatted before it would connect properly to itunes.

i suppose you could also try reinstalling itunes, or looking for the most recent versions of the software on the apple website. sorry to not be of any more help than that, maybe someone else will have specific experience of the shuffle units.
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