Iomega CD-RW 12x10x32



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There's a $99 deal for the Iomega CD-RW 12x10x32 Model 31120. What's the catch? Who makes their drives?

This model is supposed to have the Burn-Proof technology. Is that preferable over a large cache?

I just bought the Sony CRX140E/CH2 which is an 8x4x32 with 4MB cache. The box is still sealed and I'm wondering if I should switch.

This is my first burner. Any advice will be welcomed.



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Grab it as fast as you can. This Iomega burner is acually made by Plextor and you can acually use the Plextor firmware updates. This burner is one of the hottest things on the internet right now. They have articles about it at and If you can get a hold of one then do so. I heard that CompUSA was selling out of them quickly though.


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Thanx for the Plextor info. I waited too long....they're all gone at Comp and BestBuy.


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They were all sold out here in NYC too, within a matter of hours. But I have a Plextor already... Just wanted to buy another one to auction on Ebay =)

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