invalid configuration - can't get to BIOS



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I have an older 386 (16 Mhz, Pheonix 80386 ROM BIOS Version 3.03) In which the power supply gave out. The computer isn't running Windows - Operating system is PICK R.83 - 17 user system. Took it into a local shop to replace the Power supply and they didn't have one to fit, so they moved everything over to a new case, (unbeknownst to me) installed a new power supply and upon booting up we're getting the following message: "invalid configuration information. Please run set up program. No boot device available. Strike F1 to retry boot".
I have the 5 1/4" BIOS floppy, but can't get to the point where we can read it and are not sure if it would even help. Have checked around and not quite sure what to try next. I reallllllly need this puppy back up and running ASAP. Anyone got any bright ideas out there??? Post or e-mail to: [email protected]
Thanks in advance; martye


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Can you actually get into your BIOS setup? It sound more probable that the shop didn't put your computer back together correctly (it shouldn't be anything to do with the new power supply). You usually have to press a key (in my case DEL) to access the BIOS at boot time.

Acutally, havind re-read your message, do you mean it is the BIOS or the operating system that is complaining?

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Go to phoenix bios website and try to find what the command is to get into you bios setting and set the boot device to your floppy drive ususally a: