Internal DVD burner into a USB2 case?



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I need an external USB2.0 LightScribe DVD/CD burner to burn LightScribe labels onto media. My problem is that they are expensive. I found a cheap ($45) internal LightScribe burner (on ZipZoomFly). It's specs describe it as a "ATAPI/E-IDE Half-Height internal". I know that there are cheap empty USB2.0 cases that take internal laptop (2.5"?) or PC sized hard drives (3.5"?) and turn them into external units.
My question is...will one of these empty USB2.0 cases turn this burner into an external unit or are they for hard drives only? (If Yes, which size do I need?) Or is there another type of empty case that I need? Thanks for any replies.


Specifications for stated enclosure should be listed at the vendors' website.
You'll need a 5.25" enclosure.
Adding the costs for decent enclosure plus a lightscribe DVD burner may result in similar overall costs.