Intel won't put out



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Ordered a cuMine 550 online. Call to check status, site tells me out of stock for 3 weeks.

Next found celeron 500 for $69. So, I thought I would use it for now and get a monster later when prices fall. Call to check on order.... No stock till June.

Now, I just ordered a celeron II 533 for $114 and they swear it is in stock.

What the hell is wrong with intel???

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Intel announced that it was going to be having a shortage of CPU's for the rest of the year due to unprecedented demand. They also kinda got caught with they're pants down while moving to .18 micron. At least thats the scoop I've been reading in the papers.

Don't worry though, there will still be CPU's available, you might just have to wait for one (like you're doing now).



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yeah, for real. I ordered a PIII533b about 10 weeks ago, it was out of stock, for all i know, it still is out of stock. I had all my parts except the cpu. I finaly found a supplier with the 600b in stock. was only 10 more i had to wait 7 weeks or so to get my computer running. Oh wait, longer then that..the i840 is pickey with ram
had to get new ram too...oh well.


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Actually they have been plagued with fab problems since october. Demand haha, no. In fact the first quarter of this year amd made 1 billion in sales I think or was it 1 million cpus sold. They dont have a problem because their fabs are fine. Demand is a lie, fab probs would be more truthfull...


P.S. Ok if its demand, where is the 1ghz? or 900mhz p3's? Fab probs.


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I haven't evere had problems buying chips. If the one I want is not available, just keep looking @ bigger until it's found.

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Jeff's got the idea right, but that isn't the problem... intel's fabs are o.k. -- they just cant get enough of the raw materials to produce their FC-PGA chips (you know, the substrate that the actual chip is "written" into?)

sucks to be them...


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that's what i'm wondering.... i wonder if AMD delayed Duron because of a) (the reason they said) -- they don't want it to outperform the Thunderbird (will be "Athlon") or b) they can't get enough substrate either...
well, we'll see in a month or so