Intel PR440FX Dual Pentium Pro motherboard +2 processors(200/256)+ 3x128mb sdram+fans



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Hi all, so I have Intel PR440FX Dual Pentium Pro motherboard + two processors (200/256) + 3 x 128 mb sdram + two costum fans to sell. :)

It's very good , i ran windows xp pro sp3 on it and it was just beautiful.
Its very good for little server at home or everyday use as home PC.

Both CPU's are 200/256. :)

U can see pics of it on my website
There are 3 pics.

Price is only 115.00 $
If u dont like the price u can maybe have some dollars down! :idea:

Other people sell this item for 250.00 $ and more. U can see it on ebay.
And they dont have 200/256 CPU's they have 180.:idea:

The reason this is so cheap is coz I dont need it more and here were I live , there is noone who would want it.

I live in Estonia, Its in Northern -Europe.
The shipping will coast around 25-60 $ :idea:
Some days ago I got package form America and it coasted 22$ (1kg)
Buyer pays the shipping! :)