Intel AnyPoint 10 Mbps Home Network



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As the phone line networking niche begins to mature, we're seeing more and more quality products from leading manufacturers such as Intel, 3Com, Diamond; all seek to become market leader. One of the newer products from Intel, the 10 Mbps version of the AnyPoint phone line protocol tries for this crown. Read this review to see if it qualifies!


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I definately dont think it is worth it. My friends and I in England have just purchased 100Mb LAN cards, dead easy to set up, as Windows 2000 picks them up straight away. The cards cost £10 a piece, CAT5 cables about £4.
So you get 10x the performance for a fraction of the cost. The 5 port internal 100Mb PCI hub was the dearest component at £35, but you only need 1 of those.


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I have the Netgear Phoneline setup and it works great for me. Setup was snap, no network cables to deal with, no router or hub required, and I can share out my DSL connection among the networked PCs.