Insulating washers -- still use 'em?



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Does everyone still use those brown fibre insulating washers under the screws that hold the motherboard onto the brass standoffs? I used to even use them under the motherboard after a Pentium 150 could not detect its serial mouse after I dropped one out from the bottom while reassembling.

I suspect no one bothers using them under the motherboard, and if all your builds done that way are working fine, so should mine. Is everyone still using them on the top side? I used to be able to buy the things in the parts bin section at Home Depot but they've long since departed. Scarcity drives my questions.


I still use those washers whenever I have to deal with a cheap/questionable quality chassis.


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I would take the view that if you are supplied with them you should use them?

If you are not, then they are not needed.