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I have an old CD ROM made by Creative that uses a small ISA board for an interface. This is a single or double speed. I have lost the original installation disk. I have tried looking for drivers on the Internet, but nothing I have found will work. Any ideas? This is not a PNP device.


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The easiest thing to do is go to your local computer store and spend $45 on a new one.

But if you are determined to get that one going I have a couple of suggestions. if you know anyone using compuserve they have a lot of forums that have lots of files. I found one for a teac 4x a while back. The last is a long shot. In general there were three main interface's for CD-ROMS then, Sony, Panasonic, and Mitsumi. You might try to track down drivers for each of them and try them. Told you it was a long shot.

Personally I think it would be easier to get a new one.
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I have a generic driver on my cheesy web-site. Goto and download a zipped file called "". Then unzip it and save it to disk. Run the "install.exe". Try it it should work.

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All the above is dandy, and might get your CD-ROM to work, but the fact of the matter is, with all the new software today filling almost a full CD, a single or double speed CD-ROM is just not going to cut it. I don't think you'd want to sit there for hours installing a piece of software, just because your CD-ROM is a single speed, and can't handle high data-transfer rates. I agree with JTM. Go out and spend the money, and get at the very least a 32x CD-ROM.

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I agree with JTM and JTC cdrom drives are cheap and a 2x cdrom is just about useless. But if you still want to try and find a driver try you'll have to register to use there site.


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You probably mean CDROM drivers for DOS. If you absolutely cannot find anything, you can work without them! Just copy the win95/98 installation files (win95 - 35MB, win98 - 100MB) to the HD through some other means, install, and either will pick up your CDROM. I've seen Windows95 pickup a proprietary Mitsumi CDROM, as well as Creative - the driver is in there!

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I may take some flack for this, but there's not necesssarily a point in pitching your old CD ROM drive. The speed of transfer (indexed by the "x") is only relevent when loading software. The largest loads, of course, are the operating system (i.e. Win95 or Win98). Assuming you already have those (and any ancillary software) loaded to your HDD, then the CD drive will be used for games or music, where the drive's top speed makes little or no difference above 4x (sometimes even above 2x). Further, even if you opt for a faster CD ROM drive, you still might want to hang on to the old one. A friend of mine has a 2X, a 24X and a CD writer all in the same case. This way he's able to duplicate disks from the 24X to the writer, and still use the old 2X for his tunes while he's burning in the others.

Here's how you can locate the drivers you seek:

Go to (the Creative Labs web site) and follow these instructions...

click on "Americas"
click on "support" (in the orange band at top of page)
click on "downloads" (on the left)
select "CD ROM 2X and below" (box on left)
select your operating system

voila! there's the driver you need!

Note that back then Creative Labs was private-labeling over Panasonic and Funai drives so the drivers are the same. Let us know how you make out.

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Eisen damn i love good answers. Way past a good answer. Accurate and informative. Sorry folks you would be surprised just how little real operating difference there is between a 4X and 32X just like the man said. Oh yes a difference but mostly hype. A side note- I just bought two Phillips 24X for $29.95 each from Egghead. Sorry all gone now tried to get 2 more today.


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Well done Eiesn
My point is on the newer game's a 2x might be a little slow if you can even run them. A 2x is great for the older games. And I agree with you about cdrom speed's most software does not read above 4x. I went out and bought a 32x sony cdrom and the SOB was so noisey. I put my 4x back in nice and quite.