Installing a PCI Card...Having Problems...



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Okay here's what i am running,
emachine t2542
2.50ghz celeron
win xp
2 hard drives
512 mem
sound blaster audigy gamer
250w power supply

trying to install inno3d's tornado geforce 5600fx pci card.

I have that card inserted into the top pci card, the sound card in the middle one

pci is set in the phoenix bios
imperial glve motherboard

tried disabling and removing drivers,
still wont work

upon loadup with new card in, i keep getting 1 long beep followed by 2 short beeps and the computer loads up, the monitor just won't "recognize the output from the video card" i know its not a bad card b/c this is my 2nd card.

Any ideas of how to get this working? I'm completely lost! thanks!