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Got a question on configuring a second harddisk on a system..
My system : Asus P2L97 mainboard -> 2 ide slots udma/33, WD Caviar 4,3 Gb HD (u-ATA/33 i think), A-open 36x CD player ATAPI (u-dma/33), adaptec scsi controller, plextor scsi writer, win98
The 2nd HD is a WD Caviar 20,4 Gb Ultra ATA/66 (retail version) with IDE cable.

Q1a: can a uata/33 and uata/66 work together on a system?
Q1b: does the Asus P2L97 that supports U-DMA/33, also supports U-ata/66??
Or can i just plug it so that the speed is maximized to 33...

in the manual i read the packaged IDE cable must be connected to BOTH HDs, the grey on the master and the black end on the slave...

Situation now is that the 4,3 Gb HD is the primary master, the cd player the primary slave with i think ide/33 cable (40 pin?).
Secondary slot (i guess secondary m/s) is free: just plug in the NEW cable and NEW HDD to that 2nd ide slot (both uata/66) or replace new HDD to primary slave and cd player to secondary (master or slave, then???)

do i need to change jumpers on cd player then (although Aopen's CD installguide recommends not to change them)?

Q2: does it matter how to put the jumpers of the HDs when primary or secondary? do i need to follow the guidelines (master and slave settings on dual drive system as shown in installguide)


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Your board is:
On Board PCI IDE Dual Channel UltraDMA/33 Bus Master IDE ports (Support up to 4 IDE devices and LS-120MB Floppy Drive) Support:
PIO Mode 3 & 4
DMA Mode 2
If you desire the Ultra66 performance you'll need an add on card. Other than that, it will run just fine as a 33.

Since it appears that your OS is on the FIRST HDD, it makes sense to jumper the 2nd HDD as slave, jumper the FIRST HDD as Master and connect both to the Primary IDE port on the motherboard. You can use the Ultra66 ribbon cable too, it won't change your performance. Just make sure you connect them properly in respect to master and slave.

Make the A-Open CD Rom Drive a Master on the Secondary IDE cable.

If you want to access the Ultra 66 drive, the add on card is available through Promise Technologies, or perhaps someone in For Sale might have one.

Your system will look like this:
Primary Master - WD 4.3(set jumper)
Primary Slave - WD 4 (set jumper)
Secondary Master - A-Open (set jumper)
Adaptec SCSI - Plextor


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whooo!! that's what i was waiting for! thanx very much...

as i'm right, no extra card is very necessary to run those 2 HDD.. just when i want the uata/66-performance i need that card, otherwise it will just run fine on uata/33

ok thx i advance