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My neighbor who's responsible for bringing me up in the way of computers is moving away, and yesterday when I went down there to ask if he had a socket 370 proc he could spare, he said he wasn't sure. He then asked me if I wanted a 10-port 10/100 network switch, and what was I gonna say? Sure, I will take that. He then responded by saying I had to take everything he had if I wanted the switch. Everyting?? For the next half an hour I cleaned out a closet full of computer parts, new and old, and he helped me move them all to my car. My whole back seat and trunk was filled with computer parts. Among some cool things I got were usb hubs, the switch, a 2'x2' organizer box (like the kind in shops full of screws) full of everything from extension molex connectors to dvi-rgb adaptors, a few optical mice, an two-year old canon bubblejet, and of course, about 7 computers. The stuff is still in my car because if my mom saw it all, she would probably tell me to throw it away. :D

Anyway, that story was pointless aside to show the goodness of humanity. The point is that I have 7 computers ranging from a P3 500 to a PPro166. Pretty much a lot of crap, but useful for something. What I want to know is what I can functionally do with some of these? I'll probably end up giving some of them away if charities will even take them. I've heard of making a firewall/router, a mail server, etc, but what else could I do. I already took a P166 out of a dead machine and made a cool keychain out of it, so that's not an option. :)
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If it can get on the internet, it is still worth something. I have put together dozens of computers like that (lots of P166-233). Help them set up a free internet serverice like Juno and a poor family now has internet access for their kid's homework, and e-mail for keeping in touch with family out of town. Add in a junky printer and an old copy of Office 97 and you have a VERY usefull machine for someone that does not have a computer. I have given a few to my neighbor along with a firewall router and connected them together. She has a daycare, her kids and grand kids living there and free time on the computers is pretty hard to get. I gave them a Celeron 900 w/ a TNT2 Ultra, 384MB SDRAM, and a 20GB hard drive. They added a 48x CD R/W, a 3in1 printer/scanner/copier, and a digital camera. The other is a P233, 32MB EDO, 8GB HD, and 24x CDROM. Nothing spectatular, but it works.

A home theator PC is always nice, but you generally need better parts. Same with LAN party machines, but even a Celeron 633, 128MB SDRAM, 15GB HD, and a Voodoo3 can do RtCW Enemy Territory just fine.